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From individual components to the complete intelligent factory, as well as topical trends such as energy efficiency, lightweight construction and additive manufacturing – at HANNOVER MESSE you’ll get a complete picture of the industrial value-adding chain under one roof - in Hannover and worldwide. This is one of the most important trade fairs which Kaifeng should not skip. Connectors in different types and pitches would be displayed in April 2019. We hope to meet the top designers of the PCB broad and the electric engineers in this 5-days exhibition and to see how the technology innovation request the product design of electric connectors. Besides, Industrial 4.0 and Advanced Assembling request a higher performance of the control system. The quality of dip switches has to be more stable. We’re looking forward to arm with the newest technology and make something different!

Time: 2019.4.1-2019.4.5

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