FIEE ELÉTRICA/electronic Americas 2019

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FIEE ELÉTRICA/electronic Americas 2019

FIEE ELÉTRICA/electronic Americas has established itself as the largest generator of new business, content and innovation for the electrical, electronics, energy and automation sectors, acting proactively as a business and marketing platform for the development and advancement of the industry in Brazil. As the economy locomotive of Southern American, Brazil leaves participators a large space of imagination. The electric infrastructure and railway system construction attract a large demand of the electronic components. The modernized logistic technology makes the fast delivery of the small but high value order possible. Terminal blocks, Dip switches and the other electronic components of Kaifeng have got the UL and ECE certificates, which comply with the market access of the area. We welcome business partners to visit our booth for the perspective together. 

Time: 2019.7.23-7.26

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