Electronica India

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Electronica India

Founded in 2000, electronica India is now the leading platform for electronic components, systems and applications in India. Electronica India is the only event of its kind to showcase the entire range of electronic components—from technologies and components to specific application fields. Kaifeng Electronics has made a great effort to extent the sharing of the emerge market as India. Known as the Silicon Village of Asia, Bangalore attracts those young and well-educated IT specialties to write a new page for the industrial development of this country. Kaifeng Electronics is willing to make its contribution by their qualified products. Exhibiting in the Indian market is now being the marketing strategy of the company in the next 3-5 years. In 2019, the company will enlarge the booth from a standard stand to a decorated stand, we welcome distributors and insiders of the industry to visit us and to negotiate any business possibilities. 

Time: 2019.9.26-2019.9.29

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